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Stainless Steel SPIROTAINERs for Luggage Point WWTP

This week three stainless SPIROTAINER bins with a storage capacity of 20m3 got delivered to be used at Luggage Point WWTP.

Sewage screenings from the Luggage Point WWTP are filled into the stainless steel SPIROTAINERs via retractable chutes and U500 troughs. The U500 troughs guarantee even load distribution along the entire container and the retractable chutes ensures clean odour free filling.

Ozwater 2014 Stand Nr. 2R5

April 29 - May 1 2014, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Events like congresses or trade fairs, such as Ozwater 2014, are a good opportunity for personal communication. Ozwater is one of the important exhibitions of the water and wastewater sector in Australia.
On our stand (NR. 2R5) we will present you innovative high-quality products and solutions. We want to stay your reliable partner for the future.
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SPIRAC equipment for Sarina: Another Successful Pre Treatment Package Installation

Sarina/Australia: Pre Treatment Area has been installed in Sarina/Australia

SPIRAC delivered the Pre Treatment Area for the Sarina Water Recycling Facility

The prefabricated Pre Treatment Area assembly has arrived in Sarina/Australia

Goondiwindi - SPIRAC provides complete inlet works package

The Goondiwindi Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) plant was constructed in the late 1960’s.

While the quality of water supplied for irrigation of the golf course and race track is generally fit for purpose, the treated effluent that is discharged to the environment requires upgrade to reduce concentrations of suspended solids.

SPIRAC wins design and manufacturing of the Pre Treatment Area for the Sarina Water Recycling Facility

SPIRAC will provide a prefabricated package treatment plant for the SWRF Preliminary Treatment Area (PTA).

Malaysia: Triple lift vertical sludge system

SPIRAC's first three stage vertical lift installation has been successfully commissioned in Malaysia.  This system handles dewatered BFP sludge in a pulp and forest products processing plant.

The Bilt Sabah Forest Industries Paper Mill is located in Malaysia (Sipitang, Sabah). The new SPIRAC sludge handling system conveys 11.7m³/hr of dewatered sludge from a bin at ground level to a storage bin approximately 30m above ground.

System Description


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