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In this section you will find a range of brief, informative and easy-to-read news articles which provide commentary and updates for across the solids handlings industry. Often the article is provided by one of SPIRAC Group engineer and they are perfect light reading, if you are on public transport or relaxing on the weekend. Grab your device and enjoy read as these articles provide you with a wealth of news at your fingertips.

15 November 2017

We are introducing the latest centre flow band screen technology BANDGUARDTM.

The screen was build and tested in our workshop and is now on its way to the National Screening Equipment Test Facility. We are excited to find out how it is going to perform and we let you know once the results are in.

1 November 2017

We are proud to announce that the FINEGUARDTM achieved the best capture ratio for a 3mm Finescreen at the National screening equipment test facility.

10 Oktober 2017

Check out our latest solution to load difficult flowing materials in a bin evenly. Material with a poor flow pattern will build up underneath an outlet resulting in a conical stack and as a result of that a reduction of live storage.

9 Oktober 2017

Relentless efforts from our newly formed screen team, with more than 80 years’ screen experience between them has meant that after only six months and after completing a series of tests and inspections in SPIRAC’s screen workshop, FINEGUARDTM is now being tested at the National Screen Evaluation Facility (NSEF) at Chester le S

5 Oktober 2017

We want to express our appreciation to our sales representatives, visitors and our exhibtion team, who contributed to the success of the WEFTEC 2017 exhibtion in Chicago on the 2nd to the 4th October 2017.