BANDGUARD - Centre Flow Band Screen

BANDGUARDTM is a high efficiency dual flow traveling fine screen used in inlet works of a wastewater treatment plant. The high efficiency band screen prevents screenings accumulation and its exceptional capture rate significantly reduces maintenance costs in downstream equipment.

With the BANDGUARDTM screening is achieved by passing the sewage through a vertical band shaped screen curtain.  It comprises an assembly of plastic perforated panels, clipped and fastened into stainless steel frames which are fastened to stainless steel conveyor chains that form two endless loops.

The screenings enter the centre of the screen, inside of the screen curtain where solids are retained and transported out of the flow by driving the band, moving the dirty panels from the screening zone to the panel cleansing area.

The band is sprocket driven via a motor and gearbox. A spray bar fed by final or primary effluent is used to clean dirty panels before the panels are re-submerged. The cleaning system is orientated to achieve full panel cleaning whilst depositing all debris in the internal launder system, which feeds out through the side of the screen.

Each panel has replaceable side seals manufactured from UHMWPE fitted between the chain and panel to effect a close tolerance seal with the chain guide fitted to the screen structure. 

The main structural side plates are designed and manufactured for strength and rigidity.

The high strength chains run in steel and UHMWPE guides and are driven by sprockets attached to the head shaft running in  adjustable bearing units.

The drive is from a close coupled motor and gearbox. Variable or Dual speed drives are available as options and the screens can be supplied to suit ATEX Zone 1 environments

The BANDGUARDTM  is fully guarded by covers fastened to the main screen structure thus encasing odours and wash water aerosol. The screen can be supplied with odour extraction pipework flanges where requested 

The BANDGUARDTM can be inched forward and reverse, in case of mechanical stoppage. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Screen widths of up to 4m and depths of 20m can be provided.
  • Carry over and hairpinning prevented.
  • Plastic panels with 2mm to 6mm diameter holes.
  • Screen capture ratios have been independently certified by UKWIR – NSEF 3mm Ø @ 95% and 6mmØ @ 85%.
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel construction.
  • Available with integral washing compactor.
  • Highly efficient side sealing arrangement. 
  • All maintenance can be undertaken above coping level.
  • 200mm, 300mm and 450mm chain options.
  • Flow Rate 100 l/s to 2000 l/s.
BANDGUARD Centre Flow Band Screen
BANDGUARD Centre Flow Band Screen 3D
BANDGUARD Centre Flow Band Screen 3D
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