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In this section you will find a range of brief, informative and easy-to-read news articles which provide commentary and updates for across the solids handlings industry. Often the article is provided by one of SPIRAC Group engineer and they are perfect light reading, if you are on public transport or relaxing on the weekend. Grab your device and enjoy read as these articles provide you with a wealth of news at your fingertips.

9 december 2015

Take a look at our infographic to find out more about the advantages of a shaftless spiral versus a shafted screw. The shaftless spiral is intended for the transport of difficult, stringy, spongy, sticky, wet, lumpy materials – suitable for a wide range of moisture contents and viscosities.

1 oktober 2015
SPIRAC har levererat utrustning till teknikföretaget Goodtech (slut kund SYSAV i Malmö ). SYSAV behandlar källsorterat matavfall och livsmedelsavfall i en förbehandlingsanläggning. Den producerade ”slurryn” som innehåller organisktmaterial, ska behandlas biologiskt i en biogasanläggning för produktion av biogas och biogödsel.
31 juli 2015
WEFTEC 2015, September 28 to 30, 2015 

Start planning now to come to Chicago and visit us in booth #4837!
29 juli 2015

2 & 3 September 2015, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia - 78th Annual Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition