Mean Screen: BANDGUARD leaves competition behind

The official BANDGUARDTM screen test results from the National Screen Evaluation Facility (NSEF) have been released and if you are looking for the best performing band screen in the market don't look any further. 

BANDGUARDTM is a high efficiency dual flow traveling fine screen used in inlet works of a wastewater treatment plant. The high efficiency fine screen prevents screenings accumulation and its exceptional capture rate significantly reduces maintenance costs in downstream equipment.The NSEF results are 85% screenings capture ratio for the 6mm screens and 95% for the 3mm screens.  This is the best band screen capture ratio recorded at the NSEF and makes our screen the most efficient band screen in the market.

With the BANDGUARDTMscreening is achieved by passing the sewage through a vertical band shaped screen curtain.  It comprises an assembly of plastic perforated panels, clipped and fastened into stainless steel frames which are fastened to stainless steel conveyor chains that form two endless loops.

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