SPIRAC Prefabricated Inlet Works including a stormwater overflow section

The Prefabricated Inlet Works Plant was designed such that it can be supported on galvanised steel support beams above ground level, to enable flows to gravitate through downstream process units.

The installation includes three FINEGUARDTM which are moving fine screens. The screens work in a duty/standby/standby configuration to remove solids from the incoming flow and are connected to SPIRAC screenings conveyor system, for reliable and maintenance-free solids transport. The screenings conveyors transport screenings to the SPIROWASH® a screenings washer/compactor via a drop chute. The SPIROWASH® washes out the organics from the screenings and reduces the volume and the weight of the screening and compacts them. The washed and compacted screenings are deposited into a screenings bin. Screened sewage passes from the fine screen channels to the SPIRAC GRIT VORTEX tank. SPIRAC Grit Vortex unit is designed for separating high density grit particles from lower density organics.The installed grit pump withdraws grit slurry from the grit tank and pumps it to the SANDSEPTM grit classifier where the solids settle in the bottom of the classifier which contains a spiral. The spiral transports the sediment slowly to an inclined or vertical conveyor which then discharges the grit into a grit bin. The SANDSEPTM Grit Classifier and the SPIROWASH® screenings washers are installed on ground level. 

The raised inlet channel also includes a storm water overflow section, penstocks, knife gates, pumps, launders, sensors and instrumentation. Should you have any questions about this project and for more information please contact us on info@spirac.co.uk. or 01295 270 335

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