SPIROLIFT® Vertikal transportteknik

Significant cost and operational advantage over alternate methods of sludge elevation and transport.
SPIROLIFT veritcal and inclined conveying

SPIRAC är den globala marknadsledaren i fråga om vertikal slamtransport med hundratals SPIROLIFT® installationer jorden runt. Den här beprövade tekniken ger avsevärda fördelar i kostnader och drift jämfört med alternativa metoder för vertikal transport av slam.

SPIROLIFT ® vertikala transportörer har ett åttkantigt tråg och foder. Fodrets hörn ger ett motstånd som bidrar till att hindra hala material från att bilda en roterande plugg och därmed förflyttas materialet lättare vertikalt med skruven. Skruvar med bred yta och kort stigning ger en stor lyftande yta och mycket lite material som faller tillbaka genom centrum av skruven. Till skillnad från spiraler med axel som kan skapa problem med ansamling av material runt axeln, särskilt vid utloppet, lämnar axellösa spiraler ifrån sig materialet effektivt till den mottagande transportören.

SPIROLIFT® vertikala åttkantiga (OK) transportskruvar är specialkonstruerade för att klara vertikal transport av avvattnat slam och andra svårtransporterade material.

Funktioner och fördelar:

  • Lämpliga för många olika typer av slam och vätskehalt
  • Försumbart slitage på fodret eftersom spiralen inte har kontakt med det
  • Upp till 13 m (40 ft) lyft per steg, upp till 3 steg
  • Enkelt genomlopp för främmande föremål
  • Slutet system stoppar lukt, buller och damm

Technical details

  • Spiral 
    The unique design of the shaftless screw allows for higher filling rates and lower RPMs - resulting in less wear, and consequently less demands for repair and down time. The spirals themselves can be made of many different materials, however the primary material is high tensile micro-alloyed steel (HTMAS) - a special steel from Sweden with mechanical properties that deliver incredible strength to the SPIRAC spiral.
  • No intermediate or end bearings
    The more moving parts in a piece of equipment, the more faults that can occur. By eliminating intermediate and end bearings, the need for major maintenance work is reduced. It also allows for more efficient and direct transfer into another conveyor - whether that be horizontal, or inlcined.
  • DURAFLO® Type SPX liners
    SPIRAC's proprietary liner - DURAFLO® Type SPX - has been designed specifically to ensure low wear and a long life. A combination of material thickness and formulation gives DURAFLO® Type SPX its unique wearing characteristics. DURAFLO® Type SPX has been developed over many years, and is one of the key features which ensures that SPIRAC conveyors stand as the industry leader. The DURAFLO® Type SPX liner also has a built-in wear indicator with a snap-in, snap-out feature, making it as painless as possible when the time comes to replace it.
  • Totally enclosed troughs
    SPIROLIFT® uses U-troughs which are commonly made out of stainless steel, however they are also available in mild steel painted, galvanized or FRP/GRP. SPIROLINE® can be used in a horizontal and inclined configuration up to 30 degrees. All varieties are totally enclosed with elastomeric seals and gaskets, ensuring there is no spillage of the material being conveyed and that odours are completely contained.
  • Direct drive
    Further reducing the downtime and expense that comes along with regular repairs and service, SPIRAC's direct-drive design allows a clean and efficient transmission - without the required maintenance of belt and chain drives


Product benefits

  • High volume capacity for a small cross section 
  • Intended for the transport of difficult, stringy, spongy, sticky, wet, lumpy materials – suitable for a wide range of moisture contents and viscosities
  • Complex geometries and limited space easily satisfied
  • Low RPM for long life expectancy to wear components
  • Totally enclosed troughs for odour and mess containment
  • Very high load/torque capability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long continuous runs on a single gearbox
  • Easily able to handle large foreign objects or product lumps
  • Forgiving operation allows for wide capacity range
  • Custom designed to match field equipment
  • High resistance to corrosion provides for very long equipment life expectancy in the harshest of conditions

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