Self-Cleaning Step Screen for water treatment applications

The STEPGUARD® contains innovative design solutions for many of the outdated designs currently used on similar screens, and represents the strongest and most durable fine screen on the market.

A reliable fine screen for in-channel or tank mounting, the ST screen separates out over-size solids and automatically conveys out captured  screenings, cleaning itself in the process. Flow range 50 to 2200 liters per second (1-50 MGD).


Technical details

  • Typical Hydraulic Flow: 50 - 2200l/s
  • Aperture: 0.5 -6 mm
  • Channel width 0.2m to 3 m
  • Channel depth up to 3.5m
  • Screen Capture Ratio: 50% dynamic operation and 75% static operation


Product benefits

  • New design of bar element fastening enables quick replacement
  • Better alignment of the bars enables SPIRAC® to build screens that have much finer space openings than any other screens of this type.
  • The doors and covers, as well as the enclosed motor compartment, have been designed to provide easy access and improved safety.
  • Hinged “Grit Flap”, allows passage of suspended grit without spacer erosion, bar wear, or jamming. Flap rides on bottom step pushing flow up and away from bottom spacers.
  • A new “stop-in-home position” solves the old “roll-back” problem.
  • A heavy-duty gear motor and transmission, including a unique type of bearing, provides an extremely long life cycle.
  • No chains, therefore no chain wheels in water
  • 5mm frame and 3mm bars
  • Long life bearings with automatic greasing
  • Low speed
  • Virtually maintenance free

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