COMBIGUARD® Inlet Works Packages

Bringing together a number of SPIRAC's most effective product solutions, the COMBIGUARD® has been developed to meet the requirements of small- to large-size municipal communities, for the removal of screenings and grit.

You may be aware that SPIRAC offers a range of individual equipment solutions for wastewater treatment plants and other organisations involved in materials handling.

Such a diverse product range coupled with a high level of knowledge and expertise makes our sales, design and project management teams able to offer packaged solutions for the smallest to largest WWTP

The following COMBIGUARD® types are available:

  • Type 1: SPIROGUARD® CC Unit (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass) and a rectangular grit settling tank with horizontal & inclined conveyors
    • Optional aeration diffuser system for retention of organics during low or no flow conditions
    • Optional fat, oil, grease (FOG) skimmer
    • Optional press head for cost effective dewatering and compaction of screenings
    • Longopac bagging systems for complete containment of screenings and grit
  • Type 2: STEPGUARD® our step screen or alternative screens according to your WWTP requirements (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass), SPIROWASH® our screenings washer, SPIRAC Grit Vortex Unit and SANDSEP® our Grit classifier.
    We offer a range of equipment combinations, enabling this type of COMBIGUARD® to be adapted to a wide range of requested flow size.
  • Type 3: SPIROGUARD® “piggybacked” on a SANDSEP® with optional manual bar screen bypass.
  • Type 4: Involves STEPGUARD® (Step Screen) with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass, SPIROWASH® and SAL (Rectangular tank with horizontal & incline conveyors).

The COMBIGUARD® unit combines the features of:

  • SPIROGUARD® Compact Cleaner (CC) - This machine combines screening, conveying, dewatering and removal of solids from effluent and process streams in one compact machine. Ideally suited as a tanker reception facilitator screening separation unit, the SPIROGUARD is robust, easy to install and, with only one moving part, virtually maintenance free. Slow speed combined with automatic intermittent operation ensures a reliable and efficient system. The SPIROGUARD CC Screen is designed as a standalone unit for pump-fed applications
  • SANDSEP® Classifier - The SANDSEP® is a highly efficient unit designed to separate grit and other pollutants from process and effluent streams. The design of the inlet section reduces turbulence to a minimum and creates an optimum flow pattern for efficient settling. The solids settle in the bottom of the classifier, which contains a spiral. The spiral transports the sediment slowly (speeds are kept to around 5 RPM to minimise turbulence) to an inclined or vertical conveyor, which then discharges the grit.

COMBIGUARD® is your solution when you need to create a complete end-to-end wastewater pre-treatment plant, that covers all of the applications required for municipal facilities. When brought together with screenings washing, dewatering and flotation, a complete inlet works system can be created. 

Features and benefits:

  • A complete screening, grit capture and washing system.
  • Designs and layout able to be customised to suit client-specific requirements.
  • Space-saving solution for facilities requiring low equipment footprint.
  • Lower capital cost, power consumption and wash-water usage.
  • A prefabricated solution that requires greatly reduced installation time on site.
  • SPIRAC technology with few moving parts, meaning lower maintenance and down time.
  • Simple and reliable operation due to low head loss.
  • Effective operation across a wide flow.
  • Simple automatic control offering great flexibility for facility workers.

If your facility is in need of a more reliable and effective inlet works solution, get in touch with SPIRAC today.

COMBIGUARD Type1, SPIROGUARD®, Grit Tank, screeenings & grit handling
COMBIGUARD Type2, SPIROGUARD® screen, Grit Vortex, SANDWASH screeenings & grit handling
COMBIGUARD® Type 3 Inlet Works Package, SPIROGUARD® Compact Cleaner (CC) screen, SANDSEP® grit handling
COMBIGUARD® Type 4 Inlet works package, STEPGUARD screen and grit tank handling