SPIROWASH® Compact/High Flow

Screening washing, volume and weight reduction
SPIROWASH® screenings washer and dewaterer

When fine screens are installed in municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants, they generate large volumes of faecal and organic matter from screening activities. Typically, a washer dewaterer washes out the organic material, reduces the volume and weight of the screenings and compacts them.


SPIROWASH® represents a range of machines available to handle raw screenings flows of up to 8 m³/hr (280 ft³/hr) in the standard range but could be up to 12m³/hr (420 ft³/hr) for the larger models. The wash compactor machine continuously washes out organic material whilst mechanically compacting and dewatering the remaining inorganic portion.

SPIROWASH®COMPACT/HIGH FLOW is a robust and simple machine, non-sensitive to varying qualities of screenings and contents of grit.

SPIROWASH® is designed so that maintenance to all moving parts can be completed from the outside of the machine – no bearings, wheels and lubrication points are inside.

The machine can be located either directly underneath the screen or fed by a conveyor. If a launder feed is necessary the HIGH FLOW model is on hand to deal with great volumes of free water.

SPIROWASH® is ideally suited to applications – also retrofits – where its capacity, robustness, compact size and cleaning/compacting qualities make an obvious step up to meet tomorrow’s rigorous requirements.

Technical details

  • Tolerant to high grit and fat loadings, therefore very reliable under difficult conditions.
  • Typically up to 90% organic removal.
  • Dewatered final product; typically, 35% to 45% D.S. content.
  • Volume reduction; typically, 45% to 85%.
  • Complete aftermarket support available.



Product benefits

  • Low power usage
  • Low washwater usage
  • Highly reliable in operation
  • Low capital cost, low power consumption, few moving parts – therefore low maintenance and operating cost.
  • Simple automatic control for great flexibility

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