SPIROLIFT® Vertical Shaftless Spiral Conveying Technology

Significant cost and operational advantage over alternate methods of sludge elevation and transport.
SPIROLIFT Senkrechte/Geneigte Förderspiralen (Spiralförderer, Schneckenförderer, Förderschnecken)

SPIRAC is the global leader in vertical sludge conveying with hundreds of SPIROLIFT®  installations worldwide. This proven technology offers significant cost and operational advantage over alternate methods of sludge elevation and transport.

SPIROLIFT® vertical conveyors feature an octagonal trough and liner. The breaks in the liner provide a resistance point which helps to prevent slippery materials from forming a rotating plug, thereby encouraging the material to move vertically with the spiral face. Wide-faced, short pitch spirals provide a large lifting surface with very little material fallback down the center of the spiral. Unlike shafted spirals which may suffer from a buildup of material around the shaft, especially at the discharge point, shaftless spirals discharge material efficiently to the receiving conveyor.

SPIROLIFT® vertical octagonal (OK) conveyors are specially designed to achieve vertical conveying of dewatered sludges and other difficult to transport materials.

Technical details

  • Shaftless spiral:
    The shaftless spiral allows higher filling rates and lower RPMs resulting in less wear and consequently less maintenance and down time. Although the spirals can be made out of many different materials, the primary material is a special steel from Sweden which has mechanical properties that give the SPIRAC spiral a very high tensile strength. SPIRAC shaftless spiral conveyors are designed for the transport of otherwise difficult to handle materials, such as municipal dewatered sludge, wastewater screenings, grit, industrial sludges and other sticky, viscous, stringy materials.
  • No intermediate or end bearings:
    Not having intermediate and end bearings allows a comparative reduction in major maintenance work. It also allows efficient and direct transfer – horizontal, inclined or vertical – into another conveyor.
  • Liners: 
    SPIRAC’s proprietary liner, DURAFLO® SPX, is designed specifically to ensure long life. The DURAFLO® SPX liner has a built-in wear indicator with a snap-in, snap-out feature enabling easy replacement.
  • Totally enclosed troughs
    SPIRAC conveyors are totally enclosed. There is no spillage of the material being conveyed and odours are completely contained.
  • Direct drive: 
    SPIRAC’s direct-drive design allows a clean and efficient transmission without the maintenance required by belt and chain drives


Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Material Transport Demonstration

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Features and Benefits

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Product benefits

  • High volume capacity for a small cross section 
  • Intended for the transport of difficult, stringy, spongy, sticky, wet, lumpy materials – suitable for a wide range of moisture contents and viscosities
  • Complex geometries and limited space easily satisfied
  • Low RPM for long life expectancy to wear components
  • Totally enclosed troughs for odour and mess containment
  • Very high load/torque capability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long continuous runs on a single gearbox
  • Easily able to handle large foreign objects or product lumps
  • Forgiving operation allows for wide capacity range
  • Custom designed to match field equipment
  • High resistance to corrosion provides for very long equipment life expectancy in the harshest of conditions

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