Combines conveying, dewatering and volume reduction
SPIROPRESS® Entwässerungsanlage

SPIROPRESS®(SP) is a simple yet effective dewaterer that combines conveying, dewatering and volume reduction in one compact unit.

The SPIROPRESS® is a conveyor with a press zone at one end which makes long conveying and simultaneous dewatering an ideal systems solution. SPIROPRESS® offers high capacity and efficient operation resulting in low power consumption and minimal maintenance costs.


Technical details

  • Dewatered final product; typically, 35% to 45% D.S. content.
  • Volume reduction; typically, 40% to 80%.
  • Low capital cost, low power consumption, few moving parts – therefore low maintenance and operating cost.
  • Complete aftermarket support available.


Product benefits

  • Shaftless spiral - that do not require a centre-pipe, intermediate or end bearings – thus minimising any potential for undesired blockages.
  • High fill factors, low rpm – high torque and low power usage.
  • Adjustable pressure plate for optimum dewatering performance.

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