MULTIGUARD Coarse Screen

Mechanically Multi Raked Bar Screen
MULTIGUARD Coarse Screen

MULTIGUARDTM is a coarse screen that removes high solids loads of bulky coarse material in wastewater. It is the first cleaning stage in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and protects equipment downstream.

The cleaning elements are comb plates that are fixed to multiple carrier beams. The beams are connected to two strands of chains that can easily be tensioned and as the majority of maintenance activities take place at cope level downtime is minimised due to reduced maintenance requirements.

The chains pass around a wear resistant bottom guide track which removes the necessity for sprockets and bearings in sewage flows. Drives can be weatherproof or zoned for gas areas and are shaft mounted to give clean lines to the screen.

The debris on the rakes is removed by a pivoted wiper with a wear resistant U.H.M.W.P.E blade.

Screens can be up to 4 metres wide in a choice of materials and are suitable in channels up to 12 metres deep.

Technical details

  • Suitable for channels up to 4 metres wide and up to 12 metres deep.
  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel construction.
  • No wash water required.


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