SPIROWASH® High-Impact

High level of screenings cleanliness
SPIROWASH High-Impact, high level cleanliness

A comprehensive means of achieving very high levels of screenings washing, dewatering and volume reduction.

The SPIROWASH® High-Impact system is designed for sites where very high degrees of cleanliness and odour removal are required,.

The system utilises a 2 stage washing process and a separate screw compactor to achieve industry-leading quality results

Technical details

  • Typically up to 90% organic removal.
  • Dewatered final product; typically, 35% to 45% D.S. content.
  • Volume reduction; typically, 45% to 85%.
  • Organics removal >95%.
  • Tangle free impellor design.

The main standard material of screenings washer construction is 316SS

  • Spiral: Shafted HTMAS fitted with spirobrush over the entire screen length
  • Liners: Duraflo SPX®


Product benefits

  •     Tolerant to high grit and fat loadings, therefore very reliable under difficult conditions.
  •     Low rpm, high torque and low power usage.
  •     Low capital cost, low pt.ower consumption, few moving parts – therefore low maintenance and operating cost.
  •     Complete aftermarket support available.

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