Grit Classifier
SANDSEP Grit Classifier

The SANDSEP® is a highly efficient unit designed to separate grit and other pollutants from process and effluent streams.

The design of the inlet section reduces turbulence to a minimum and creates an optimum flow pattern for efficient settling.

The solids settle in the bottom of the classifier which contains a spiral. The spiral transports the sediment slowly (speeds are kept to around 5rpm to minimise turbulence) to an inclined or vertical conveyor which then discharges the grit.

    Technical details

    • Grit S.G ≤2.65 with an average B.D of 1600kg/m³ (100lb/ft3).
    • Hydraulic capacities from ≤5l/sec. (0.1MGD) to ≤35l/sec. (0.8 MGD).*
    • Dryness of output product – typical 60% to 80 % D.S (Subject to sparge and wash options – prior to discharge).*
    • Organic residue; typically, ≤15% with the combined spray bar and sparge tube options.*
    • Shaftless spiral - that do not require a centre-pipe, intermediate or end bearings – thus minimising any potential for undesired blockages.

    *depending on site conditions





    Product benefits

    • Spiral conveying = no build-up will ever occur and no intermediate or end bearings under water
    • Few moving parts result in a compact and robust design = low maintenance and operating cost.
    • Low speed/RPM = long life-expectancy and high torque.
    • Low energy consumption = cost savings. 
    • Complete aftermarket support available.


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