Cup and Drum screen
DRUMGUARD Trommel- und Becherrechen

The DRUMGUARD screen is a simple and robust solution to applications where there is a requirement to screen large volumes of water. Typical applications include power generation intakes and desalination plants.​

For many years, this type of screen has been used on sewage works for fine inlet screening and sea outfall use. The screening panels are generally perforated stainless or plastic for sewage applications, and woven wire mesh for water intakes.

Over many years the cup screen particularly has been used on sewage works for fine screening and sea outfall use. Both drum and cup screen cylinders can be fitted with perforated stainless or Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for sewage work and woven wire normally for water intakes. 

The standard screening aperture size is 6mm, for both sewage and water applications, with the option to go down to 2mm for water intakes.

As the influent passes through the screen, debris adheres to the inside face of the screening panels and is then washed of by an externally mounted, high-pressure spray, into a debris hopper mounted at the operating floor level. Larger debris is carried up by elevating trays fitted to the inside peripheral cross beams. The debris hoppers are covered by a spray box thus: eliminating unwanted atomized spray. Depending on the application the removed debris is either washed and compacted, before being discharged into a skip, or re dewatered in a mesh basket. The external rotating drum is guarded at the operating level in line with the latest Machinery Directive (2006-42-EC).

This type of screen is designed to give the maximum hydraulic loading. The drum structure runs on substantial shafts, mounted in heavy duty roller bearings with sealing surfaces metal sprayed and ground to give a long seal life. Cast iron racks mounted on the screen drum periphery engage with a high-density nylon driving pinion.

The influent is sealed from the effluent by efficient polyurethane seal flats that run in stainless steel and high-density plastic sealing labyrinth mounted to the civil wall.

Fish Friendly versions of the DRUMGUARD are available where specific legislations may apply.

Technical details

  • Common installations at Wastewater Treatment Plants, Seawater & Pumping / Intake Stations.
  • Cup Screens from 1 m (3 ft) diameter. Drum Screens up to  18 m (60 ft) diameter.
  • Able to screen large volumes of water
  • Perforated panels in stainless steel or Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) depending on application
  • Screening size = 2mm to 6mm.
  • Material of construction, carbon steel painted as standard or stainless steel.
  • Options: Single, dual or variable speed drive (3 & 6m/min peripheral speed) ATEX certified if required for use in hazardous areas. Rotary cleaning brush option for enhanced panel cleaning on sewage applications.
  • A fish-friendly version is also available.

Product benefits

  • Simple and robust design to screen large volumes of water
  • Efficient sealing system – no carry-over
  • Double Entry design up to 18m (60 ft) diameter and widths up to 4m (13ft).
  • Single Entry design, from 1m diameter

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