Auto-filling, containment and road transport
SPIROTAINER® Lagerungs- und Strassentransport

Capable of both containment and road transport, the SPIROTAINER® is a durable and efficient solution for solids materials handling.

Organisations in sectors involving wastewater treatment and materials handling likely know the challenges presented by the containment and transportation of noxious - and potentially hazardous - substances. Eliminating the human interaction with these materials wherever possible is highly advised, but traditional solutions typically feature windows of time where the chances of spills, leaks or other contact with workers is high. Also, given the often close proximity of wastewater treatment plants to metropolitan areas, odour reduction is a huge challenge.

Our SPIROTAINER® is a combination containment and road transport system designed for the hygienic and automatic handling of foul or objectionable waste materials, featuring autofilling capability to keep human interaction at a minimum. Eliminating the need for a specialised screenings building, the SPIROTAINER® keeps all materials fully enclosed - an ideal solution for reducing the chances of damage caused by escaping substances.


Combined with a spiral conveyor system, the SPIROTAINER® allows offensive waste products to be transported, stored and removed from site with minimal operator intervention, virtually odour, vermin and insect free. A permanent onboard spiral conveyor and control system provides automated filling and level control, while a robust door sealing system ensures leakproof transport even with a large liquefied component.

The SPIROTAINER® is designed to be a completely transportable system, which means options for scaling up your operation are remarkably simple - extending capacity is as easy as adding another SPIROTAINER®.

Standard truck lifting devices are incorporated into the design and build of the SPIROTAINER® to facilitate ease of transport. Upon reaching the destination, the SPIROTAINER® is emptied by simply tilting the truck bed. Once clear of all material, easily return the unit to your facility and replace it in its regular location.

Filling rate

Built for integration in facilities of all sizes, the SPIROTAINER® is capable of handling heavy duty demands. This includes a filling rate of up to 10m3 per hour, meaning environments involving the handling of large volumes of materials are catered for.

Suitable for a number of applications

SPIRAC develop and provide solutions for wastewater treatment and materials handling facilities in many forms. Included among these industries, the SPIROTAINER® is suitable for:

Sewage screenings. Sewage sludge. Sand and grit. Food processing byproducts and waste streams. Industrial sludges, contaminants and general foul waste otherwise unsuitable for open top bins.

Available materials of construction

Typically manufactured from high spec mild steel, the SPIROTAINER® is built to stand up to the rigours of industrial materials handling. For particularly intensive applications, SPIRAC also offers a full stainless steel construction option.

To add a further layer of durability, many paint specifications are available to suit the requirements of different regions and climatic environments. These bins are generally located in harsh, industrial facilities and corrosion protection is critical to the long life expectancy of these systems.

Options for inlet chutes

Alongside a variety of build options, the SPIROTAINER® is designed to be an adaptable solution able to accommodate your facility's layout. The inlet chutes are available in both flexible and pneumatic retractable styles, allowing them to be installed in a number of environments with restricted space.

Technical details

  • A range of nominal capacities - 10m3 (13ft3), 15m3 (20ft3) or 20m(26ft3) shaftless screw conveyor containers are available.
  • Filling rate of up to 10m3 (13ft3) per hour
  • Ultrasonic level filling sensors to prevent material overfilling and spillage.
  • Heavy duty closure and locking mechanism with durable rubber gaskets for a positive seal against leakage
  • Quick connect power and control sockets for easy installation and removal.


Product benefits

Integrating the SPIROTAINER® into your facility will open up an array of benefits. 

  • Suitability for screenings, grit (together or separate) or sludge.
  • Design for both outdoor and indoor deployment.
  • Evenly distributed loads along the entire length of the bin  with a shaftless screw conveyor.
  • Robust construction and extreme paint finish provides durability for corrosive material and the rigours of contract hauling.

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