Who we are

We are an engineering firm and professionally design, engineer, manufacture, install and support premium, purpose-built wastewater solutions for municipal and industrial clients worldwide. 

The engineering genius of our space-saving SPIRAC shaftless screw conveying technology sets us apart, creating unique efficiencies for your project. In addition to the SPIRAC shaftless screw conveying technology, SPIRAC also designs and supplies screening, dewatering, compacting, storing and transport products for wastewater handling.  

Our expertise spans all industries and solutions applicable to wastewater. We love challenging assignments and we take pleasure in helping our clients to build sustainable solutions for the future. Products and systems are constantly being developed or enhanced to accommodate the increasing environmental responsibilities faced by the owners and operators of wastewater facilities, manufacturing and processing plants.


Although the basic concept of the spiral or shaftless conveyor had been around for years it was SPIRAC that took this simple idea and developed it into the broad range of applications you see today. The SPIRAC conveyor is the result of development work that started in 1975. The task was to make reliable conveyors for applications where conventional conveying failed.

In 1976 the first SPIRAC conveyors were installed in sewage treatment plants to handle dewatered sludge, screenings and grit. By 1984 we had made over 600 more installations in sewage treatment plants across Scandinavia. Many of these early SPIRAC conveyors are still running today.

We realised early that while shaftless spiral conveyors offer many unique advantages they also pose technical challenges e.g.lifting spirals, spring effects, deforming and problems with bearings. We are pleased to say that over the years SPIRAC has overcome these common trouble spots. Today, thousands of SPIRAC Conveyors are installed and running world-wide. They cover a range of applications in sewage treatment plants, paper mills, incineration plants, food industries, and automated garbage handling.

In 1989, Mr. Joakim Ramen became General Manager for Australasia region to establish SPIRAC as a wastewater solutions provider in the area. In the early 90s, Mr. Ramen became CEO of the SPIRAC Group and the company grew rapidly through product range and global market expansion into the global wastewater equipment provider it is today.  

The shaftless spiral is the heart of SPIRAC's business. We are dedicated to remain at the forefront of wastewater technology and its applications.


SPIRAC operates in The Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. SPIRAC maintains sales and manufacturing facilities in Australia, UK, USA, the Netherlands and Sweden.


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