Grit Vortex

A range of grit collection and outloading units suitable for pre-cast concrete structures or as a stand alone structure in stainless steel or painted carbon steel.

 The Grit Vortex from SPIRAC is designed to separate high density grit particles from lower density organics by means of a rotary vortex impeller. Grit particles travel to the perimeter of the round tank and settle into the bottom sump where they are intermittently extracted by means of an airlift blower or grit pump. Organics and larger objects remain suspended and leave the chamber to be processed downstream. The simplicity, effectiveness and trouble free design of the Grit Vortex from SPIRAC will ensure many years of trouble free operation.

Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective design = Low capital cost and low power consumption
  • Proven technology = Few moving parts therefore low maintenance
  • Simple/reliable operation due to low head loss
  • Small footprint for large flowrates
  • Effective across a wide flow and grit load range
  • Range of sizes and arrangements to suit all application flow rates
  • Can be supplied as a complete grit capture and washing system in combination with SANWASHTM (Grit Washer)
SPIRAC Grit Vortex 3D
SPIRAC Grit Vortex Sample