Five reasons SANDWASH our updated grit washer got even better

For grit washing, the SANDWASHTM is one of the most effective options. SPIRAC has brought significant improvements to the SANDWASHTM unit, but this is still the grit washer that can satisfy high demands of those applications where any visible organics on the grit is unacceptable.

Coupled with high capacity, efficient operation, and low power consumption - not to mention little need for maintenance - SANDWASHTM is a powerful grit washing solution.

Recently, SPIRAC updated the SANDWASHTM to improve functionality, while further reducing costs.

The new and improved SANDWASHTM

This section will take a closer look at the major changes in the updated SANDWASHTM.

  • An optional VSD allows for optimization of the grit screw discharge speed to all for optimum water drainage from the grit, depending on the plant grit loading. Any retained screenings are swept over the weir by the stirrer wiper arm to ensure that no blockages can occur over time.
  • A multi-diffuser plate assembly with permeable rubber sandwiched between two perforated plates creates a constant velocity wash water profile through the lower grit chamber.  This fluidizes the grit particles and through constant motion removes the organic particles from the grit.  The stirrer assembly ensures that any lumps or stubborn grit pockets get dispersed and washed.
  • The stirrer assembly and diffuser plates are accessible and serviceable from the bottom of the SANDWASH without requiring entry into the tank.  The bottom stirrer assembly is held in place by a single retaining bolt for easy removal from underneath the tank
  • A single high precision pressure sensor/transmitter controls the washing and stirring function, and the fill and discharge cycles are controlled by simple time functions.  This provides for very simple logic controls. 
  • An intermediate organics discharge valve periodically decants any heavier organics or particles that may not flow over the weir.

While many updated products come with associated price increase, the updated SANDWASH TM  does not. In fact, SPIRAC has been able to increase efficiency and reduce the price.

SANDWASHTM brings high capacity operation, simplicity, high efficiency and high reliability.

SANDWASHTMbrings high capacity operation, simplicity, high efficiency and high reliability. It's also a compact unit, meaning it easy to install SANDWASHTMwhere required.

Finally, there's the lack of maintenance, which can help to both reduce the workload required to keep the grit washer running and cut down on the amount of downtime.

Consider getting in touch with the experts

There are several grit washer solutions available on the market, but few can match the capability and reliability of the SANDWASHTM.

If you'd like to learn more about SANDWASHTM and the other systems available from SPIRAC, reach out to the team today. 

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