SPIRAC Launches Screen Product Line

SPIRAC is dedicated to design and manufacture a wide range of innovative screens at optimal cost with a special focus on complementing the existing product range.

SPIRAC enters the screens manufacturing market with the set up of a new office and workshop in Sheffield, UK. Combining wastewater engineering experience and a long manufacturing history provides a uniquely effective solution to today’s inlet works needs.

SPIRAC appointed several senior screen engineers to manage the design and production process. At SPIRAC an important part of modernisation is our team and we encourage an open mindset to exchange knowledge within the group. SPIRAC staff brings over 80 years of experience designing and manufacturing screens. 

The SPIRAC Group introduces the latest additions to the Screen GUARD range:

  • RAKEGUARDTM a robust front raked bar screen
  • BANDGUARDTM a high efficiency band screen and
  • FINEGUARDTM for fine screening and removal of floating and submerged debris

For many years SPIRAC used third party suppliers for screens. It made it difficult for SPIRAC to get accountability when problems occurred. It allows our project teams complete traceability and quality control at every step, from the initial inquiry to shipping the product. The latest addition to SPIRAC enables the business to support screen equipment already in the field as well as confidently supply reliable screen equipment to the quality and functionality that is expected.

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