Screening is the first operation at any wastewater treatment works. The screening process involves the removal of large non-biodegradable solids that frequently enter a wastewater works, such as rags, papers, plastics, latex, tins, containers and wood.

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Efficient solids removal protects the downstream plant and prevents any possible damage, unnecessary wear tear, pipe blockages and the accumulation of unwanted material that will interfere with the required wastewater treatment processes. 

SPIRACoffers the legendary SPIROGUARD® as Channel screen (CS) and compact cleaner (CC).

SPIROGUARD® Compact Cleaner (CC) Screen is designed as a stand-alone unit for pumped flow applications. SPIROGUARD® Channel Screen (CS) is installed in sewage channels for a variety of flow rates and different water levels. The angle of inclination can be adjusted and depends on the concrete channel specifications. 


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