Headworks upgrade achieves an outstanding Screen Capture Ratio.


Our latest headworks upgrade project uses two BANDGUARDTM screens and a SPIROWASH® unit. BANDGUARDTM is our high-efficiency band screen that prevents screenings accumulation and its exceptional capture rate significantly reduces maintenance costs in downstream equipment.

BANDGUARDTM achieved a certified average Screen Capture Ratio (SCR) of 95% with a 3mm panel at the National Screen Evaluation Facility (NSEF). The screens on site are able to handle a peak flow of up to 10 MGD (438 L/s). The project also uses a SPIROWASH® unit SWQ 215 with a screen washing capacity of 90ft3/h. SPIROWASH® is a robust and simple machine, non-sensitive to varying qualities of screenings and contents of grit. SPIROWASH® is tolerant to high grit and fat loadings, therefore very reliable under difficult conditions.SPIROWASH® is designed so that maintenance to all moving parts can be completed from the outside of the machine – no bearings, wheels and lubrication points are inside. Our wide product range of screens and screening washers makes sure we have the right equipment for you.