Food Waste

From Truck Receival, Seperation and Storage
Food Waste Separation

SPIRAC spiral conveyors have excellent application across food waste.

As the industry leader in shaftless spiral conveyor technology, we can provide long run horizontal, angled or vertical conveyors for the most difficult of geometries and applications. The SPIRAC shaftless conveyor features a heavy duty spiral specially cold formed from HTMAS (high tensile micro alloy steel – available only from Sweden) which rides on a Duraflo SPX® liner (or special wear bars for highly abrasive products), specially developed to provide maximum hardness and life expectancy with low friction. This arrangement eliminates hanger bearings and allows for high trough fill rates and handling of larger objects. The spiral strength allows for low RPM-high torque operation, virtually eliminating blockages, surges and nuisance trips.

SPIRAC also manufacture livebottom and sliding frame silo systems from 10-750m3, rectangular or round, for the storage and outloading of materials which are subject to bridging or “rat-holing”.  These silos can feature drive-under rapid outloading, spiral conveyor outloading or downstream process transport through metered flow.

Technical details

  • Shaftless screw conveyor
    The unique design of the shaftless screw allows for higher filling rates and lower RPMs - resulting in less wear, and consequently less demands for repair and down time. The spirals themselves can be made of many different materials, however the primary material is high tensile micro-alloyed steel (HTMAS) - a special steel from Sweden with mechanical properties that deliver incredible strength to the SPIRAC spiral.
  • No intermediate or end bearings
    The more moving parts in a piece of equipment, the more faults that can occur. By eliminating intermediate and end bearings, the need for major maintenance work is reduced. It also allows for more efficient and direct transfer into another conveyor - whether that be horizontal, inclined or vertical.
  • DURAFLO® Type SPX liners
    SPIRAC's proprietary liner - DURAFLO® Type SPX - has been designed specifically to ensure low wear and a long life. A combination of material thickness and formulation gives DURAFLO® Type SPX its unique wearing characteristics. DURAFLO® Type SPX has been developed over many years, and is one of the key features which ensures that SPIRAC conveyors stand as the industry leader. The DURAFLO® Type SPX liner also has a built-in wear indicator with a snap-in, snap-out feature, making it as painless as possible when the time comes to replace it.
  • Totally enclosed troughs
    SPIRAC shaftless screw conveyors come in horizontal, vertical and inclined configurations, and options for either a U-trough or octagonal (OK) trough. All varieties are totally enclosed with elastomeric seals and gaskets, ensuring there is no spillage of the material being conveyed and that odours are completely contained.
  • Direct drive
    Further reducing the downtime and expense that comes along with regular repairs and service, SPIRAC's direct-drive design allows a clean and efficient transmission - without the required maintenance of belt and chain drives.


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