Live-Bottom Extraction

Storage and outloading
Live Bottom Entladung mit wellenlose Förderspiralen

SPIRAC have been the market leading supplier of live bottom silos and bunkers for the wastewater industry since the 80’s. Hundreds of successful installations are in operation around the world, many in service for several decades.

SPIRACs live-bottom silos and hopper systems are custom designed for application in the wastewater industry, especially for the storage, transfer and outloading of dewatered sludges. While the silos and hoppers follow standardized design features, sizes and orientations can be customized to suit most customer requirements.

Three standard configurations are available to provide a wide range of cost effective designs. These silos are top loaded, typically by shaftless spiral incline or vertical/horizontal conveyors, and outloaded by large diameter/large pitch live-bottom shaftless screws. These live-bottom systems ensure the elimination of arching, ratholing or any bottle-neck type losses in flowability, even for the stickiest or driest of sludges. The basic silo design incorporates aesthetic considerations through symmetry, consistency and fabrication precision.



Technical details

  • Storage capacity: 25 - 1000m(32-1300 yd3)
  • Outloading Capacity 0-200 m3/hr (0-260 yd3/hr)


Product benefits

  • Prevents material bridging
  • Efficient handling of sticky or fibrous inconsistent materials and foreign objects
  • High capacity outloading rates
  • Low RPM/low run hours mean wear components inside silo will last 15-20 years 
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable operation
  • Very simple control system
  • Built in redundancy through multiple screw operation
  • Very few moving parts
  • Low maintenance

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