The Megawasher Dewaterer represents a range of machines available to handle raw screenings flows of up to 10 m3/hr per machine. The machine continuously washes out organic material whilst mechanically compacting and dewatering the remaining inorganic portion.

The Megawasher Dewaterer is a robust and simple machine, non-sensitive to varying qualities of screenings and contents of grit. The Megawasher Dewaterer is designed so that maintenance to all moving parts can be completed from the outside of the machine – no bearings, wheels and lubrication points are inside.

The machine can be located either directly underneath the screen or fed by a conveyor. If a launder feed is necessary a special model is on hand to deal with great volumes of free water.

The Megawasher Dewaterer is ideally suited to applications – also retrofits – where its capacity, robustness, compact size and cleaning/ compacting qualities make it an obvious step up to meet tomorrow’s rigorous requirements.

Why do you need the Megawasher Dewaterer?

  • Handling of wet faecal or organic matter is unhygienic and in most countries banned from landfills by high taxes.

  • The washed and dewatered material is easy to transport and the reduction of volume and weight means a cost effective handling - and quick payback of the investment.

  • The return of faecal and organic matter to the flow means increased gas production from sludge digestion and improved waste utilization.

  • An installed Megawasher Dewaterer reduces odour and spillage and means a better environment.

  • Over 120 installations since 1992 in the UK and worldwide.

How does the Megawasher Detwaterer work?

The screenings are discharged into the inlet zone, formed as a twin trough, where the material will be extremely well mixed and lacerated. The trough is fitted with spray pipes, which add water to the mixed matter and put organics into solution.

Washing is facilitated by two slowly rotating mixing and compacting screws. Each screw is independently driven by its own motor.

The water bound organic material is removed in the drainage zone by two perforated plate segments, which can be adjusted to optimize the dewatering result.

The washed and dewaterered screenings are transported into the compacting zone and pushed into friction outloading pipes.


  • Bulk capacity up to 10m3/hr
  • Faecal matter removal up to 95%
  • Volume reduction up to 70%
  • Weight reduction up to 70%
  • Dewatering efficiency up to 60% DS


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