Sliding Frame Silos

SPIRAC’s®sliding frame silo systems complement our spiral conveyor live bottom expertise and expand our experience and competence in offering sludge storage solutions in the water and waste water industries as well as various industrial applications.

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What is a sliding frame silo?

A sliding frame is an extremely efficient extraction system that allows non-free flowing materials to be discharged from a flat bottom silo or receival bunker. These bulk materials can easily block the bottom of a silo by forming a bridge of material. The action of the hydraulically driven sliding frame breaks any bridges that may form over the extraction screw and pushes/pulls the material toward the centre of the silo for discharge.

Round silos – The sliding frame is built as an elliptical frame, made of solid steel bars profiled to a wedge shape. This elliptical framework with its wedge profile, pushes under the sludge in one direction and draws it toward the discharge opening in the other, thereby allowing near total emptying of a flat bottom silo.

Rectangular silos – the sliding frame is constructed as a rectangular “ladder” shape, transferring material from one wedge shaped “step” of the “ladder” to the next as it oscillates back and forth. This design is suitable for steel or concrete silos or bunkers.

Advantages of the SPIRACsliding frame silo extraction system:

  • Prevents material bridging
  • Efficient handling of sticky or fibrous inconsistent materials
  • High capacity outloading rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance, no service parts inside of silo
  • Modular system reduces site installation time
  • Flat bottom silos are economical to manufacture
  • Flat bottom silos maximize storage capacity for a given footprint and height



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