SPIRAC spiral conveyors have excellent application across wineries

SPIRAC Shaftless Receival Bin

Is a proven system that is ideal for grape transfer/conveying. The slow speed and unique action of the shaftless spiral creates a gentle conveying action causing less maceration of the berries than traditional methods. By eliminating the centre-pipe we have achieved higher fill rates, whilst significantly having minimised product rotation.

Effluent Screening for Wineries

  • Proven designs and minimal maintenance
  • Spiral or Step Screen
  • In channel for gravity flow or tank mounted for pumped flows
  • Effectively removes suspended solids from waste streams ≥1mm particles
  • Easy access during maintenance periods
  • All systems have been designed to pivot out of channel or tank

SPIRAC Shaftless Conveying Solutions

As the industry leader in shaftless spiral conveyor technology, we can provide long run horizontal, angled or vertical conveyors for the most difficult of geometries and applications. The SPIRAC shaftless conveyor features a heavy duty spiral specially cold formed from HTMAS (high tensile micro alloy steel – available only from Sweden) which rides on an SPX Duraflo® liner (or special wear bars for highly abrasive products), specially developed to provide maximum hardness and life expectancy with low friction.

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