Abattoir Workflow solution

Abatoir Cow Paunch dewatering

SPIRAC was asked to design, manufacture and install equipment at the abattoir to be able to increase their capacity to 200 cows per day and to reduce costs. The expansion of the plant had to be completed within 6 weeks. 

The Solution                                      

The turnkey project includes a U320 shaftless conveyor that transports the cow paunch to the cutting table.  At this stage reusable stomach material, including the Rumen and Umasum, gets removed. The paunch content gets separated and processed in the SPIROPRESS® dewaterer.  

The two receival bins with outloading systems get fed from two shaftless conveyors. These conveyors transport the remaining skin and fat into the receival bins. The additional storage facilities allow less frequent  pickups which result in a reduction of transport costs. The installation of control panels guarantee an efficient transport and optimizes the workflow.

The provided solution was delivered and installed in time and according to our high quality standards. If you are looking for an innovative solution delivered on time and within budget talk to one of our experts.

  1. SPIROPRESS® Dewaterer SP280
  2. Two receival bins     
  3. Two U355 SPIRAC® conveyors
  4. One U420 SPIRAC® conveyor
  5. One U320 SPIRAC® conveyor
  6. Cutting table 
  7. Rumen Wall Lift 



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