Desalination Plant with fibreglass trough conveyors

Desalination Plant with fibreglass trough conveyors & Bi-directional conveyor mounted on a turntable

Desalination plants require corrosion protection beyond what normal 316SS can offer. SPIRAC have done several desalination plant conveyor systems with fibreglass troughs. 

Driveplates and reinforcements are typically duplex SS. Spirals have been supplied in duplex SS, but normal HTMAS has also been found to be far more cost effective. Transported product is seawater sludge discharged from centrifuges, very sticky and difficult to handle.

The first image in the photo gallery depicts a bi-directional conveyor mounted on a turntable and also with linear motion. With center feed, this conveyor can rotate and extend to provide level bin filling to two bins through level sensors located on each end of the conveyor. Electric actuators control the two degrees of motion as well as spiral drive direction to track a growing mound in a bin and achieve a near level bin.  This degree of sophistication may be justified where hauling costs are high or sites are remote, as it will provide the maximum possible filling of bins.


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