Paper Sludge Handling Systems

This Paper Mill is located in Malaysia. The new SPIRAC sludge handling system conveys 11.7m³/hr of dewatered sludge from a bin at ground level to a storage bin approximately 30m above ground.

Dewatered sludge from a belt press is fed with loaders intermittently and uncontrolled into a 20m³ bin at ground level. From this bin the sludge is extracted with a quad screw live bottom (LB) and 3 vertical OK-type conveyors as well as intermediate horizontal cross conveyors to a 5m³ storage bin approximately 30m above ground. Another quad screw LB transfers sludge from this storage bin to the screw feeder.

Volumetric flow rate: 11.7m³/hr
Sludge DS: 25 – 30%
Sludge bulk density: 1000kg/m³ (approx.)
Fibre / Ash content: 20-40% OD / 25-60% OD


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