Pet food dewatering, storage and transport

Pet food dewatering, storage and transport

This project is an environmental friendly solution that eliminates disposal costs. We paired up a SPIROPRESS® with a SPIROTAINER® to convey, dewater and store rejected pet food. 

The SPIROPRESS® is a conveyor with a press zone at one end which makes conveying and simultaneous dewatering a simple process. The dewatered pet food is then stored in a SPIRTOAINERs®, an auto filling containment solution that's been designed specifically with road transport in mind. SPIROTAINERs® can handle foul and objectionable waste materials hygienically and prevent odours and leaks. The rejected pet food will be dewatered and delivered to the local rendering farm which eliminates landfill costs.

Reach out to SPIRAC to learn more about storage and dewatering solutions for handling abattoir waste. 


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