Screenings conveying and truck outloading

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor System

This very large screenings plant features a SPIRAC spiral conveyor train which feeds a truck loading bay.

Load distribution conveyors with multiple slidegates are fed by 3 x 80ft (24m) long conveyors from the headworks plant. Lid seals, contiguous join gaskets and odour system connections ensure a totally odour and mess free installation.  XP system controls also by SPIRAC

This plant expansion and modernization program included the installation of a SPIRAC conveying and truck outloading system for dewatered screenings.

The challenge:  

The screenings/headworks modernization program included the following design objectives:

  • Near zero odor emission from facilities or equipment
  • Near zero odor emissions in indoor operator areas
  • Optimum OH&S conditions
  • Total containment, no exposed screenings except in trailer beds
  • Fully automated trailer fill
  • Low maintenance, low life-cycle-cost plant 

The conveyors:  

Featuring a direct drive, low RPM shaftless screw with long life, low friction SPX Duraflo ® liners, these conveyors will need little attention for many years.

Trailer Outloading

Automated conveyor/discharge port selection provides optimum trailer fill.


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