SPIROGUARD® units at the WWTP Fort Cumberland

Cumberland Wastewater Screening and Screen Dewatering

The SPIRAC design team once again proves how competence and expertise which have been gathered over many years can be applied successfully in practice. SPIRAC closely worked with their client 4D to enable the installation of two SPIROGUARD® Compact Cleaners (CC) into a restricted space.

The SPIROGUARD® CCP units are capable of handling high-load screenings whilst coping with high-volume launder water. They are an evolvement of the existing SPIROPRESS®, but are fitted with an elongated drain section within a buffer tank to maximise dewatering capability.

These particular units include the optional press head to help compact and clean the screenings. The press head is also fitted with a plug-release system to prevent blockages forming caused by protracted dormant periods owing to its storm application.

This system was successfully installed at the beginning of 2015.


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