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How to handle grapes with minimal product degradation and maceration

When it comes to grape handling, your equipment needs to suit your wine making process.
So why chose a shafltess screw conveyor to transport your grapes, marc and must? The slow speed and unique action of a shaftless spiral creates a gentle conveying action. A shaftless stainless steel spiral with a food grade outsert guarantees minimal grape degradation and maceration. By eliminating the centre-pipe higher fill rates are achieved, whilst significantly minimising product rotation.

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A BIT OF SHAFTLESS CONVEYOR WISDOM: Shafted vs. Shaftless Conveyors

Take a look at our infographic to find out more about the advantages of a shaftless spiral versus a shafted screw. The shaftless spiral is intended for the transport of difficult, stringy, spongy, sticky, wet, lumpy materials – suitable for a wide range of moisture contents and viscosities.

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Material handling systems in the food waste industry

Research suggests that around a third of all food produced ends up being wasted. Learn how SPIRAC technology can help in the processing of organic waste. 

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The importance of dewatering in breweries

In the brewing industry, a large amount of spent grain is a common by-product. How can a dewaterer help to reclaim some of that resource?

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Choosing the right silo: Sliding-frame versus live-bottom

Get the right silo for your material handling system.

Silos are a common fixture around many materials handling facilities, but knowing the most effective type for your particular industry is essential. 

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