Release the Sludge: SPIRAC's Sliding Frame Silo Systems Enhance Discharge Efficiency!

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  • Shaftless Spiral Conveyors

A sliding frame outloading system is an advanced extraction mechanism designed to discharge non-free flowing materials from a flat bottom silo or receival bunker. These materials tend to form a bridge, obstructing the discharge at the silo floor. To overcome this challenge, the hydraulically driven sliding frame comes into action. It breaks any bridges that may form over the extraction screw and moves the material towards the center of the silo for efficient discharge.

For round silos, the sliding frame takes the form of an elliptical frame, constructed from sturdy steel bars shaped like wedges. This elliptical framework effectively pushes under the sludge in one direction while drawing it towards the discharge opening in the opposite direction, enabling the emptying of a flat bottom silo.

In the case of rectangular silos, the sliding frame is designed as a rectangular "ladder." It transfers material from one wedge-shaped "step" of the ladder to the next, oscillating back and forth. This particular design is suitable for steel and concrete silos or bunkers, offering flexibility in application.

SPIRAC's sliding frame silo systems complement our expertise in shaftless spiral conveyors and live bottom technologies, enhancing our capabilities in providing efficient sludge storage and outloading solutions for wastewater treatment plants and various industrial applications. Talk to our experts to find out more about what might be the right solution for your application.