Sustainable Prefabricated package treatment plant

The plant was designed such that it can be supported on galvanised steel support beams elevated approximately 5m above ground level, to enable flows to gravitate through downstream process units.

The grit pump, grit classifier and screenings washer/compactor are installed on a concrete slab at ground level. The PTA assembly is prefabricated and transported to site in such a manner that minimises installation and requires bolted connections only.


1. SPIROGUARD® with Presshead 
2. SPIRAC Grit Vortex
3. SANDWASH® Grit Washer
Sewage is pumped into one of three SPIROGUARD® units with press heads - working in a duty/assist/assist configuration. The SPIROGUARD® combines screening, including the removal of solids larger than 2.0 mm from the effluent stream, conveying, washing and dewatering. Once wastewater has passed through the perforated screen, the collected solids are transported up the shaftless screw conveyor to a press head. Within the press head, the screenings enter the wash zone first where remaining organics are removed and the wash water flows back into the wastewater stream. The flush water system in the press head ensures dewatering efficiency.
Screenings are compressed against a pressure plate for dewatering before being discharged. Typically, the weight reductions of the screenings can be 65 per cent or over depending on the quality of captured screenings. Meanwhile, screened flow passes through an effluent outlet, on its way downstream. The wastewater enters the Grit Vortex , which is designed to separate high-density grit particles from lower-density organics. The screened sewage then enters the Grit Vortex where a slowly rotating impeller spirals lower-density organic particles upwards to the chamber outlet. Any high-density grit particles settle at the bottom and are put through a fluidising cycle, enabling them to be pumped to the SANDWASHTM grit washer.
Utilising a multi-stage cleaning process, the SANDWASHTM is designed for applications where all visible organics must be removed from the grit. Organics and other larger, lower-density objects are then returned to the downstream biological treatment. The grit and water stream from the Grit Vortex is transferred into the SANDWASH, where agitator paddles ensure that any remaining organics are removed from the grit. 

Projected Outcomes

  • Improved quality of effluent being released to the environment.
  • Increased system capacity to cater for expected growth and development in the area.
  • The new system provides significant improvements and is more reliable.
  • New site has less impact on its surroundings.
  • Galvanised steel beam construction reduces civil works, resulting in lower capital cost.
  • Low power consumption and wash water usage.
  • Custom design and layout to suit client-specific requirements.
  • Prefabricated - reduced installation time on site.
  • Easy access and few moving parts for low maintenance.
  • Simple and reliable operation, with automatic control for great flexibility.
Sustainable Prefabricated package treatment plant in Australia
Sustainable Prefabricated package treatment plant 3D drawings