Come see us at WIOA Toowoomba, Booth Nr. 51


The WIOA 2015 exhibition in Toowoomba, Queensland will take place from June 17 to 18, 2015 and offers an opportunity to get to know SPIRAC's efficient and smart solutions for the wastewater and industrial sector.

At the trade fair, SPIRAC will present smart handling solutions and storage systems as well as dewatererswashers and screens for efficient water and wastewater treatment.  

Another focus is COMBIGUARD® – our inlet works solution package – that has been developed to meet the requirements of small to medium size municipal communities for the inlet works in wastewater treatment plants for the removal of screenings and grit. Pre Treatment Package Installation solution require a minimum on earthworks and civil engineering because the entire solution is set up on support legs. Making it possible to extend and if necessary move equipment to meet new requirements.

Your visit will help make this event a success. We look forward to meeting you at WIOA in Toowoomba, booth Nr. 51.