SPIRAC’s sludge conveyors set for major new plant


Conveyors made by SPIRAC are set to play an important role in the water industry’s largest progressive design and build project of its kind in the U.S; also one of America’s largest sludge treatment facilities.

This Expansion Project is designed to supply 320 million gallons per day of treated water capacity (in addition to the current 80 million gallons per day).

Four SPIROLINE U520 conveyors transport the sludge from the centrifuge and six SPIROLINE U520 conveyors move the biosolids to the truck loading stations. The shaftless spiral conveyors are part of the $1.8 billion expansion project, which aims to increase surface water usage and dramatically reduce south Texas’ dependence on groundwater. It will also address the treatment challenges caused when rain events drastically change the turbidity, organics and alkalinity of the water.

The centrifuge Output Conveyors will receive cake and thickened sludge in thickening mode from one centrifuge, discharging to either a Truck Loading Conveyor or to a thickened sludge hopper (in thickening mode).

The Expansion Project will also feature an advanced ozonation oxidation process; a very powerful method for eliminating Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Ozonation also helps eliminate taste and odour causing compounds, which improves the aesthetic quality of the water supplied by the plant.