SPIRAC is proud to announce that it has again achieved the Achilles UVDB Verify Category B1 accreditation.

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This recognition follows up on the same achievement the company reached last year, with an even more favourable result this time.

Allowing us to pre-qualify as an approved supplier within the wastewater sector, the certificate eases the process for companies and authorities in the sector to manage their supply chain risks and comply with EU procurement regulations.

Achilles accreditation is reassessed at regular intervals, meaning our processes have to be vigilantly adhered to and improved wherever possible. The audit involves a rigorous independent audit of our health and safety, quality and environmental management systems, both in-house and on-site. Last year's audit resulted in SPIRAC achieving an excellent 87 per cent rating, however this year that score was improved by two points, up to 89 per cent. 

"I am pleased we were able to improve our results, building on the strong performance we displayed last year," said Robert Gericke, Sales Engineer for SPIRAC in the UK. 

"We are constantly trying to improve our offering in the industry, and our engineers are working closely with our clients every day to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed their expectations."

For more information on how SPIRAC can help you, call us on +44 (1) 295 270 335 or email us on info@spirac.co.uk