Don’t get shafted! Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Basics and common misconceptions

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All spiral conveyors are the same. We beg to differ. Since 1976 SPIRAC has installed thousands of shaftless spiral conveyors globally with more than 600 miles of running conveyors.

Solids handling systems are critical for the process industries. Every day, organisations dealing with an uninterrupted flow of material need to ensure there's no unplanned equipment downtime. Simultaneously, these businesses must effectively contain odour and mess. This is where the unique features of Shaftless Spiral Conveying Systems from SPIRAC can prove especially useful. When designing a new wastewater material handling system, these solutions should rank high in the consideration list.

It is important to understand the technical and operational differences between shafted and shaftless spiral conveyors. Shaftless spiral conveyors do not have a centre shaft or hanger bearings. Because they don't have a central shaft, they have a larger cross-section. Shaftless Spirals Conveyors can use higher fill rates than shafted spiral conveyors.  As shafted screws have low fill rates that require large trough cross sections for equivalent transport capacity, they're not the most cost-effective option. Shaftless spiral conveyors use less than half of the cross-sectional area for equal capacity. A shaftless conveyor can move dense, wet materials better because of the high torque capability and resist blockages or upset conditions.