Selecting the right storage and receival solutions for solids handling

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According to the United Nations Population Fund, the current global population stands at around 7.3 billion individuals. What's more, it's set to continue growing.

This urban growth, coupled with a need for a stricter environmental focus, means it's now essential to contain odour and mess by selecting the right solids conveying, storage and receival solutions that can deliver the required capability.

The right conveying, storage and receival solutions are important to keep up with growing demand.

Storage and receival solutions for wastewater treatment plants and industrial application

The right storage and receival solutions are important to reduce waste handling costs and comply with environmental regulations. 

In the past, solids were mostly kept in skip bins or loose piles, which resulted in low odour and mess containment. Now, conveyors have fully sealed lids and gasketed joins. In combination with a silo system, this approach eliminates smells and mess. Silo systems also require less frequent pickups due to additional storage capacities, which result in reduced transport costs.


To start, there are two outloading system solutions, sliding frame and live-bottom, coupled with rectangular or round silo systems.

Sliding frames are extraction systems that allow non-free flowing materials to be discharged from a flat bottom silo or receival bunker. Bulk materials can easily block the bottom of a silo, and the action of the hydraulically driven sliding frame breaks any bridges that may form over the extraction screw. Then, the material is sent toward the centre of the silo for discharge.

Live-bottom systems also ensure the elimination of arching, ratholing or any bottle-neck type losses in flowability. These system can handle extremely sticky or dry sludges.


An autofilling containment solution that's been designed specifically with road transport in mind, SPIROTAINER® can handle both foul and objectionable waste materials hygienically. 

When municipalities take advantage of this solution, it's a simple undertaking to expand the system capacity. Essentially, all that's required is adding another SPIROTAINER®.

To further reduce a need for operator management and monitoring, SPIROTAINER® can be paired with spiral conveyor systems available from SPIRAC. These innovative systems move waste products while preventing odours and leaks and reducing vermin and insect attraction.

The right conveying and receival solutions are key.

SPIRAC truck receival bunkers and hoppers

So what about receival? When a truck arrives at a central processing facility, how can municipalities transfer the dewatered sludge?

SPIRAC truck receival bunkers employ live bottom or sliding frame technology, and are able to handle a significant array of materials and flow rates.

Like SPIROTAINER®, these bunkers are also easy to operate, and run at a low RPM with high torque shaftless spirals in order to reduce the chance of a troublesome blockage. Furthermore, these features help to ensure there's almost no need for maintenance.

Municipalities and industries around the world need to meet wastewater standards as the population continues to grow, year after year. Instead of depending on outdated or otherwise outmoded wastewater solutions, consider the effectiveness of capable technologies that can offer the reliability and functionality required.

Reach out to SPIRAC to learn more about storage and receival solutions for handling municipal wastewater.