Solar Powered stainless steel SPIROTAINER® for Biosolids

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SPIRAC was asked to manufacture three stainless steel 20m3 SPIROTAINER® units with a solar powered door mechanism for Coffs Harbour Council in Australia. The SPIROTAINER® transports, stores and removes sludge from site with minimal operator intervention. 

The screenings are handled virtually odor, vermin- and insect-free. A permanent onboard spiral conveyor and control system provide automated filling and level control while a robust solar powered door-sealing system ensures leakproof transport even with a large liquefied component. 

SPIROTAINER® standard truck lifting devices are incorporated into the design to facilitate transport. Once it has reached the destination, the SPIROTAINER® is emptied by simply tilting. 

Using the sun to power the door mechanism helps to reduce the electricity bill and also increases safety. The operator no longer needs to go near the rear of the bin, and at the delivery site there is no need to get out of the truck. This significantly reduces the risk of direct contact with a very malodorous product. 

A mild steel SPIROTAINER® with Epoxy paint has a life expectancy of 12 years. The stainless steel SPIROTAINER® have double the life expectancy of a mild steel SPIROTAINER® and are therefore a popular option in corrosive coastal applications.