Thames Water - live bottom silo for the Thermal hydrolysis process (THP)

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SPIRAC were asked to design a silo structure raised on legs to allow pumps to be positioned underneath.

The silo has got a capacity of 180m3 of conditioned sludge. For maintenance purposes this capacity had to be pided across two identical tanks. This allowed either tank to be taken out of use and maintained without shutting down the Anaerobic Digesters which are held in critical conditions to maximise output. SPIRAC used a modular design for easier transportation and constructed each tank from 3 main sections and then bolted the two tanks together to maximize available working/maintenance space and structural rigidity.

Spirac Products Used:

  • 2 off SPIRAC 90m3 Live Bottom Silos bolted together as one single structure
  • Each silo is fitted with 1 off U500 Conveyor 6500mm

Each conveyor is mounted horizontally and capable of discharging 30m3/hr through a 500 DN actuator driven knifegate.


Project details