Fine Screens

Efficient solids removal
Fine screens

Screening is the first operation at any wastewater treatment plant. The screening process involves the removal of large non-biodegradable solids that frequently enter a wastewater works, such as rags, papers, plastics, latex, tins, containers and wood.

Efficient solids removal protects the downstream plant and prevents any possible damage, unnecessary wear tear, pipe blockages and the accumulation of unwanted material that will interfere with the required wastewater treatment processes.

The following fine screening solutions are available:

  • BANDGUARDTM, a vertical band screen can be supplied in a range of sizes to accommodate civil structure limitations and flow requirements. With Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene panels the BANDGUARDTM offers a robust screenings solution.
  • FINEGUARDTM, the inclined fine screen has a number of features to maximise screenings removal. Asymmetric stainless steel screening panels offer the benefit of a step to help retain debris and eliminate rag rolling in front of the screen. The panel profile and self-adjusting rotary brush mechanism maximises primary debris removal, while panels are finally cleaned with wash water spray nozzles to complete the cleaning process. SPIRAC fine screen designs incorporate cranked link chains that enable the screens to be supplied with odd numbers of panels, more accurately achieving the required discharge height and dispenses with a number of small screen assembly items. This simplifies production and future on-site repairs and this way maximising screen availability.
  • SPIROGUARD® combines screening, conveying, dewatering and removal of solids from effluent and process streams in one compact machine. The unit is robust, easy to install and with only one moving part, virtually maintenance-free. Slow speed combined with automatic intermittent operation ensures a reliable and efficient system. 
  • STEPGUARD® is a stair screen for in-channel or tank mounting, that separates out over-size solids and automatically conveys out captured screenings, cleaning itself in the process.
  • DRUMGUARDTM is a robust screen that can be used on water and sewage applications. DRUMGUARDTM is designed to automatically and reliably filter influent water and discharge recovered debris or marine life into the appropriate handling trough. Over many years the cup screen particularly has been used on sewage works for fine screening and sea outfall use. Both drum and cup screen cylinders can be fitted with perforated stainless or Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for sewage work and woven wire normally for water intakes. 

Depending on channel dimensions and expected incoming screenings and debris loads we can advise the best solution for your inlet works.



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