COMBIGUARD®: Complete inlet works systems types and features

  • Municipal Solutions

Inlet works understandably rank as important processes for wastewater treatment plants. Before wastewater can be biologically treated and released, it's necessary to extract screenings and grit. Failure to remove these materials will result in equipment failure and damages later on in the treatment process.

The best way to accomplish this task is through the use of a complete solution from one source, such as COMBIGUARD®. With this system in place, small to large municipal wastewater treatment plants will find little to no difficulty in ensuring wastewater is free from screenings and grit.

So, with this in mind, it's time to take a closer look at COMBIGUARD®, as well as the various available features and types.


COMBIGUARD® brings together key features of SPIRAC screens (e.g. SPIROGUARD®) and SANDSEP® Classifier.


COMBIGUARD® is a system that brings together key features of the SPIROGUARD® Compact Cleaner (CC) or STEPGUARD® and SANDSEP® Classifier. The former is a stand-alone unit that has been designed for pumped flow applications, while the latter is an efficient grit and pollution separation unit, designed to remove these from process and effluent streams. 

Coupled with screenings washing, dewatering and optional aeration/flotation features, COMBIGUARD® forms a complete inlet works system.

What are the key features and benefits?

COMBIGUARD® is applicable across screening, grit capture and washing. It's also flexible to the needs of the wastewater plant where it's being installed. SPIRAC® are able to design each implementation depending on the location, and adjust the layout as needed. This also means space is rarely an issue.

Installation is simple: the various solutions that make up COMBIGUARD® are prefabricated to reduce the required installation time on site. Such an approach also means there's a low required capital cost on behalf of the business.

However, such a system, processing wastewater around the clock, must be reliable and easy to maintain. COMBIGUARD® features few moving parts - something that is key to reducing the chance of failure. What's more, simple automatic control means there is outstanding system flexibility.

What COMBIGUARD® types are available?

As explained above, COMBIGUARD® isn't a single system, but a modular unit. This means it's extremely easy to find a COMBIGUARD® configuration that fits the needs of a particular wastewater treatment plant.

  • Type 1: SPIROGUARD® CC Unit (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass) and a rectangular grit settling tank with horizontal & inclined conveyors
    • Optional aeration diffuser system for retention of organics during low or no flow conditions
    • Optional fat, oil, grease (FOG) skimmer
    • Optional press head for cost effective dewatering and compaction of screenings
    • Longopac bagging systems for complete containment of screenings and grit
  • Type 2:
    STEPGUARD®our step screen or alternative screens according to your WWTP requirements (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass), SPIROWASH® our screenings washer, SPIRAC Grit Vortex Unit and SANDSEP® our Grit classifier.
    We offer a wide range of equipment combinations, enabling this type of COMBIGUARD® to be adapted to a wide range of requested flow size.
  • Type 3: SPIROGUARD® CC Unit (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass) and a SANDSEP®.
  • Type 4: includes STEPGUARD® our step screen (with or without Manual Bar Screen by-pass), SPIROWASH® and a rectangular grit settling tank with horizontal inclined conveyors.

Reach out to SPIRAC to learn more about screenings and grit removal solutions for handling municipal waste water.