Increasing manufacturing capacities to keep up with demand

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SPIRAC Group is increasing production capacity for Stainless Steel Equipment and Shaftless Spiral conveyors in Australia. Construction activities are continuing throughout October, with work to be completed in December.

This is only the first step to growing our production capacities and capabilities within the SPIRAC group. We are currently planning our upgrades to our European and American workshops as well.

The increased environmental initiatives by government bodies for low-waste generation leads to the growth of the global wastewater equipment market. The rising population and urbanization are further triggering the increase in wastewater equipment demand.

At SPIRAC we are proud to manufacture locally to create jobs and give back to the communities. The manufacturing industry is in constant flux as demands change and technology continues to advance. SPIRAC is adapting to these major changes in the market and is making adjustments to keep up with the industry. Technical innovation can be costly, however, not staying ahead of the curve can cost even more. Last but certainly not least, by manufacturing domestically, we can continue to deliver in a timely matter even with supply chain issues around the world.

We have established ourselves in the solids handling equipment market at competitive prices, thereby achieving expanded markets and market shares.