Understanding screenings washing systems

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Efficient washer systems must be easily maintained.

Waste water treatment plants generate substantial quantities of matter around the clock, including both organic and inorganic. As part of the treatment process, this matter passes through a washer system specifically designed to remove the organic material, compact it and reduce its weight and volume.

Efficient screenings washer systems will only become more important in the near future, especially as waste expense continue to grow. In fact, in the US alone, the total capital wastewater and stormwater treatment collection needs stood at US$271 billion in 2012.

Considering the right solutions

Screening washers need to be capable of handling high volumes of matter, however they also need to be reliable. When tackling modern sewage requirements, wastewater treatment facilities cannot afford to have a system fail at a critical moment.

The SPIROWASH® range of machines can handle raw screenings flows from 8 m³/hr up to as much as 12m³/hr. The wash compactor machine, as part of the process, constantly washes organic material while at the same time compacting the inorganic portion. It dewaters the inorganic material up to 40 per cent, which results in a volume reduction of up to 80 per cent. However, this is dependent on actual site conditions.

The SPIROWASH® range are designed for easy maintenance, with the machines featuring no bearings or lubrication points.

A high tolerance to grit and fat loadings, an automatic control system that works effectively and a degree of wash-out at 80-90 per cent help to round out these machines as top considerations for any wastewater operation.

SPIROWASH offers a range of useful machines.SPIROWASH offers a range of useful machines.

A need for more information

The right wastewater solutions are certainly important, but so too is understanding. Toshio Sato of Tottori University in Japan, the lead author of the UN-backed study, explained that having up-to-date insights into wastewater generation, treatment and reuse is critical given the growing importance of wastewater management to the health of both people and economies.

"Given the growing importance of wastewater management to the health of people and economies at local and national levels, having up-to-date basic insights into wastewater generation, treatment and reuse is an essential investment," he said.

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