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Keeping wastewater facilities running at optimum efficiency

Finding the right equipment for a wastewater treatment facility is only half of the challenge. Ensuring a regular service and maintenance schedule is crucial.

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Choosing reliable screenings dewatering solutions

SPIRAC offer two dewatering solutions to be able to meet strict industrial and municipal requirements.

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Importance of removing grit from wastewater

Wastewater processing is the key to ensuring water is clean enough for discharge into a river or ocean. Grit is a problem for wastewater plants, causing damage, inefficiency and maintenance costs throughout the network and treatment process.

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Automated Access Septage Receival Solution

NAMBOUR SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT Queensland, Australia - Downer Tenix contracted with SPIRAC to provide a complete Septage Receival Station located at the Nambour Sewage treatment plant. This is an unmanned station located outside of the main plant which allows automated access by septic truck companies serving the local and regional communities.

SPIRAC have won a contract for supply of the sludge handling, storage and truck outloading systems for the latest upgrade to Al Khumrah

Al Khumrah is the largest existing WWTP site, located in the southern part of Jeddah City in the industrial area of Al Khumrah District in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. It consists of four existing phases with a combined capacity of approx. 250,000 m³ /d.

SPIRAC Australia Anniversary: 25 Years of Engineering Excellence

As SPIRAC Australia celebrates twenty-five years in business, we take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and suppliers whose loyal support has contributed to SPIRAC’s growth. 
SPIRAC is a family-owned company which was established in Australia in 1989. We could not have come this far without the loyal support of our customers. Once again, thank you for helping us make the past twenty-five years so successful.

Wastewater solution for Goondiwindi Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

The new plant was designed and manufactured by SPIRAC in Perth, Australia. It accommodates 139l/s PWWF with internal bypass and stop board systems. At the head of the plant the STEPGUARD and the SPIROWASH extract screenings material, wash, press and discharge to a bin. Grit is captured via the SPIRAC GRIT vortex system where it is transferred to a Grit Washer unit for cleaning and discharged to a separate bin.

Stainless Steel SPIROTAINERs for Luggage Point WWTP

This week three stainless SPIROTAINER bins with a storage capacity of 20m3 got delivered to be used at Luggage Point WWTP.

Sewage screenings from the Luggage Point WWTP are filled into the stainless steel SPIROTAINERs via retractable chutes and U500 troughs. The U500 troughs guarantee even load distribution along the entire container and the retractable chutes ensures clean odour free filling.

Ozwater 2014 Stand Nr. 2R5

April 29 - May 1 2014, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Events like congresses or trade fairs, such as Ozwater 2014, are a good opportunity for personal communication. Ozwater is one of the important exhibitions of the water and wastewater sector in Australia.
On our stand (NR. 2R5) we will present you innovative high-quality products and solutions. We want to stay your reliable partner for the future.
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SPIRAC equipment for Sarina: Another Successful Pre Treatment Package Installation

Sarina/Australia: Pre Treatment Area has been installed in Sarina/Australia


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