Arab Water Convention, Booth Nr 1, 20 - 21 February 2023, Dubai


We are looking forward to participating in the Arab Water Convention in Dubai. This convention revolves around a specific water priority issue in the Arab region, thus responding to the region’s rapidly changing water challenges. The aim of the Arab Water Convention is to provide a platform to exchange state-of-the-art technologies, advanced applications, and successful practices for facing the rapidly increasing water challenges. The 2023 edition is dedicated to address the use of Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) as a strategic solution and exploring the wealth of emerging opportunities for business and innovation in the water resources sector. The Convention will also be an exclusive opportunity to foster business connections between a wide spectrum of prominent water stakeholders from different Arab countries and regional and international partners.

The event will generate a multi-stakeholder dialogue and will offer an opportunity to promote the most efficient investment choices, to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and ensure a qualified transfer of experiences on emerging NCWR-related issues in different country contexts in the Arab region.

The Arab Water Convention will host a two-day program including plenary and interactive technical sessions to present and discuss real actions on the ground, highlighting challenges, achievements, lessons learnt and opportunities to upscale successes. In parallel with the technical sessions, a world-class Water Expo will be organized showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in four key sectors: desalination technologies, storm water management, water and sanitation networks, irrigation systems, and wastewater treatment solutions. The 2-day program is intended to have an innovative format that is fast, engaging, interactive, and fosters mutual exploration of investment opportunities. It will be an occasion to thoroughly tackle such critical water-related topics, including in-depth projection of future actions, with special focus on creating enabling environment for business opportunities. The schedule is packed with business pitches, interactive sessions, panel discussions, workshops aimed at designing solutions, innovative methodologies, as well as numerous product demos and valuable on-site learning opportunities.